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La Casa D’ Remedios La Bella Hotel Boutique is located in Ciénaga, Magdalena department in the historic center of the municipality. A republican-style mansion built in 1910, architectural heritage, which retains its original structure, columns, arches, height and balconies.

Since Ciénaga is the Capital of Magical Realism: “We wanted to give the hotel a Macondian atmosphere and pay tribute to Gabriel García Márquez with the name REMEDIOS, LA BELLA is a magical character in his landmark work CIEN AÑOS DE SOLEDAD”

“We wanted to give the hotel a Macondian atmosphere...”

Casa D’ Remedios La Bella Hotel

Rooms and Facilities

Each of our seven rooms has a name alluding to a female character in the work of Gabriel García Marquéz, so we have the URSULA IGUARAN, AMARANTA BUENDIA and  ANGELA VICARIO room among others. The rooms are spacious and have a private bathroom, ceiling fan, air conditioning, cable TV, and WiFi.

The service includes breakfast with fruit, orange juice, eggs to taste, coffee with milk or chocolate and mote de guineo which is the typical dish of our city.

Social areas

Spacious rooms


It has social areas for family and business meetings. On the third floor we have a terrace, jacuzzi and gazebo from where you can appreciate a wide view of the city, the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Nevada.


Carrera 13 No. 8 – 25

+57 (5) 410 – 0014

+57 (301) 414 – 3537


La Casa d’ Remedios la Bella Hotel Boutique.